Elliot Leung

Composer, Orchestrator, Multi-Instrumentalist

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Operation Red Sea Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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ORS 3000x3000Digi_HK:INTL_eng.jpg

Operation Red Sea Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Purchase the acclaimed soundtrack composed by Elliot Leung to the 4.5 billion blockbuster, Operation Red Sea.

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Track Listing:

01. Gulf of Aden

02. Enter the Sea Dragons

03. Men Of Duty

04. Brotherhood

05. Arrival

06. Armed to the Teeth

07. Naval Commandos

08. Warzone

09. Only Hope

10. Ambushed

11. Establishing Overwatch

12. Am I Worth It?

13. Threnody

14. Point of No Return

15. All Hell Breaks Loose

16. 11th Hour

17. Dawn After Dark

18. Cornered

19. Desert Storm

20. The valiant Flight

21. The Brave Stand Tall

22. The Strong Vanquish All

Photography by Hannah Wong and Kristen Chik

Graphic Design by Benedict Leung