Elliot Leung

Composer, Orchestrator, Multi-Instrumentalist


-June 6, 2017, Sina News

"...a seasoned composer who enhances the magic of cinema." 

-Jan 20, 2017, South China Morning Post; Young Post


-Jan 16, 2017, IATC國際演藝評論家協會(香港分會)


-April 14,2017, 著名乐评家、北京市艺术研究所研究员傅显舟博士

"...simply music to my ears. Hong Kong and the world will no doubt be hearing him much more."

-Dec 16, 2015, The Standard

"...already knows the ins and outs of the industry and music is widely played."

-Jan 6, 2016, WheatonMag

Arranger of "Descendants of the Dragon" Mr. Leung addresses the press.

Photography by Hannah Wong and Wynonna Susilo

Graphic Design by Hudson Reed Hilliard and Benedict Leung