Elliot Leung

Composer, Orchestrator, Multi-Instrumentalist

The official website of Elliot Leung. 梁皓一的官方網站。

Below are a selection of scores written for previous productions

Title: Insomnia; Composed by Elliot Leung; Winning piece of the Schultheis Chamber Music Competition; Premiere: 2 May, 2015; Premiere Conductor: Kedrick Armstrong; Instrumentation: Woodwind sextet

Title: 約克 (York); Composed by Elliot Leung; Premiere: 7 December 2016; Premiere Conductor: Elizabeth Kapitaniuk; Premiere Performers: Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra

Title: Jesus to Me; Composed by Elliot Leung; Commissioned by International Christian School Hong Kong; Premiere: 9 December, 2015; Premiere Conductor: Juniata Wible; Premiere Performers: ICS Singers; Instrumentation: SATB with accompaniment and solo cello

Title: Bridge to Beyond; Composed by Elliot Leung; Commissioned by Beverly Vista School, Beverly Hills LA; Premiere: May 29, 2015; Premiere Conductor: Katina Vallens; Premiere Performers: Beverly Vista School Orchestra

Photography by Hannah Wong and Wynonna Susilo

Graphic Design by Benedict Leung